How Soon After Teeth Whitening Can I Get Another Treatment?

May 02, 2023
How Soon After Teeth Whitening Can I Get Another Treatment?
Ideally, you could drink coffee and eat blueberries without staining your teeth. But even after you restore the brilliance of your teeth with a professional Zoom! whitening treatment, you eventually need a touch-up. How soon is too soon?

You’ve always taken good care of your teeth because you want to keep them for life. However, life itself wears down the enamel that maintains your teeth and helps to mask the dark grayish-yellow inner core called the dentin. Aging, therefore, causes your teeth to look dingy and dull, no matter how well you care for them.

In addition, the foods you eat and the beverages you drink may stain your teeth. The worst culprits are those that are dark-colored, acidic, or contain tannins, such as:

  • Coffee
  • Black tea
  • Red wine
  • Blueberries
  • Soda
  • Dark sauces

If your diet contains tannins, acids, or dark colors, you may need another treatment even after you’ve undergone a professional Zoom! teeth whitening treatment. Is it safe to bleach again? If so, when?

At Miracle Smile Dental in Aubrey, Texas, our expert dentist, Nisha Modi, DMD, offers various Zoom! treatments to match your current needs. This may include an intensive in-office treatment that whitens your teeth by up to eight shades in an hour or so. We also offer both in-office and at-home touch-ups.

How often should you touch-up your sparkling white teeth? The answers are below.

Are your teeth sensitive?

If your teeth tend to be sensitive, tell your dentist. Dr. Modi chooses the right treatment plan to prevent your teeth from developing more sensitivity. 

Sensitive teeth may need whitening more gradually. Avoid over-the-counter kits because you may inadvertently damage your teeth or gums. Signs of damage include sensitive or bleeding gums. 

Over-bleaching could also cause your teeth to look blue or translucent at the edges. Be sure to alert Dr. Modi if you notice such signs.

Are you practicing good habits?

If you avoid highly staining foods and habits such as cigarette smoking, your teeth will stay whiter longer. If you continue drinking coffee or eating berries, rinse your mouth afterward with water. That helps to remove the staining substance. 

You can keep your teeth looking brighter by gently brushing — using a soft brush — at least twice a day with a whitening toothpaste.

Also, get a professional teeth cleaning and exam at least twice a year. During your teeth cleaning, we remove stains from coffee and other substances. We then polish your teeth so that they look and feel clean and bright.

We give you what you need

The best way to keep your teeth white and sparkly is by combining good habits with professional whitening treatments. Once a year in-office treatments plus at-home touch-ups every three months are all you need to maintain your bright, white Zoom! smile.  

In the office, we may combine your whitening treatment with a blue light that accelerates whitening so that the chemicals don’t linger long on your teeth, which gives you a much deeper whitening than you can get at home. We also ensure that chemicals never touch your gums or cheeks to avoid irritation.

Your professional at-home kit is also much safer to use than store-bought kits. The trays keep the whiteners on your teeth, not your gums. Don’t use the at-home kit more than every three months, however. If your teeth get dingy before then, please call us so we can help you find ways to maintain your beautiful, bright smile.

Our Zoom! helps you achieve the smile of your dreams even if you’ve never whitened your teeth or are due for a touch-up. Call our helpful staff at 469-765-3567 for professional teeth whitening today, or use our convenient online scheduling tool